Odysseus kills the suitors bale narrave in odyssey 22

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Unformatted text preview: alled out in a human voice that dried my tears, ‘Courage, daughter of famous King Icarius! This is no dream but a happy waking vision...’ III. End of Odyssey •  Killing of the Suitors: Iliadic ending •  3 Parts: 1. Recogni?on: stringing the bow 2. Massacre 3. Aeermath: Punishment of good and bad, test of Odysseus Odysseus strings the bow ‘…so they mocked, but Odysseus, mastermind in ac?on, once he’d handled the great bow and scanned every inch, then, like an expert singer skilled at lyre and song – who strains a string to a new peg with ease, makes the pliant sheep- gut fast at either end – so with his virtuoso ease Odys...
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