On of zeus il 14 interpretaons penelope is aracted

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Unformatted text preview: enelope in BK 1: song is for men, weaving for women •  Penelopean Virtues - - Beauty - - conjugal fidelity - - ‘Odyssean’ Quali?es: wisdom, cleverness, cau?on, endurance Key Moments •  Appearance before the suitors (BK 18) - - Decep?on of Zeus (Il. 14) •  Interpreta?ons: - - Penelope is a_racted to the suitors - - Manipula?ng suitors to increase her glory - - Instrument of Athena’s plan Mee?ng the Beggar (19) •  Eurycleia’s recogni?on: scar •  Penelope’s delayed recogni?on: brooch •  Recogni?on Tokens influen?al in later tragedy, comedy •  Test of the Bow Commentary Sec?on on Midterm II. Iden5fica5on and Commentary: Select one of the following passages, iden5fy its speaker and context, and comment on any major themes and ideas. A g...
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