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Kill laius summary sophocles dramac technique plot

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Unformatted text preview: elaQon of Oedipus as culprit •  RevelaQon presented as unbelievable: Tiresias is angry; Oedipus saved Thebes •  Jocasta consoles Oedipus Jocasta: Prophecy is False •  ‘Oracles are untrustworthy’ (707): Laius fated to be killed by his son •  Laius’ Death: The ‘Facts’ - - killed by robbers - - at mee<ng of the three roads - - just before Oedipus’ arrival •  Three Roads: Trigger of Oedipus’ Memory •  Oedipus Recognizes himself as Laius’ murderer The Shepherds: Key Witnesses •  Dual roles: Sophocles gives shepherds two jobs •  Corinthian: - - Messenger: announces death of Polybus of Corinth - - Shepherd: reveals Oedipus is *not* the son of Polybus •  Theban: - - Shepherd: works for Royal Family; saved Oedipus - - A`endant of Laius: witnessed Oedipus kill Laius Summary: Sophocles’ Drama;c Technique •  Plot: 3 Key Events •  Events follow logically •  RecogniQon: Delayed and Simultaneous with Reversal Drama...
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