Prosperity or adversity the nest recogniqon is t h a t

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Unformatted text preview: h probability or necessity: as when in Oedipus the person who comes to rid him of his fear about his mother, effects the opposite by revealing Oedipus’ true idenQty…’ Recogni;on (anagnôrisis) ‘…RecogniQon, as the very name indicates, is a change from ignorance to knowledge, leading to friendship or to enmity and involving ma`ers which bear on prosperity or adversity. The finest recogniQon is t h a t w h i c h o c c u r s simultaneously with reversal, as with the one in the Oedipus…’ AnQphanes, fr. 189 ‘…tragedy is a blessed art in every way, since its plots are well known to the audience before anyone begins to speak. A poet need only remind. I have just to say ‘Oedipus’, and they know all the rest: father, Laius; mother, Jocasta; their sons and daughters; what he will suffer; what he has done…’ Plot of Oedipus the King •  Aristotle: Plot = set of acQons •  Primary event of Oedipus happened years in the past •  ‘AcQon’ of the play concerned with proper understanding of that acQon •  2 Levels of Understanding: Audience and Characters •  3 Key Events: Tiresias’ Prophecy, Jocasta’s Story, MeeQng of the Two Messengers Tiresias •  Summoned by Creon •  Early Rev...
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