Oedipus 2

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Unformatted text preview: ipus bear any responsibility? •  Does Oedipus Tyrannos’ picture of the cosmos allow for free will? •  Is there any jus=fica=on for Oedipus’ suffering? •  ‘Fate’ doomed Oedipus - - gods only know, and do not control of events Apollo ‘…Apollo! It was Apollo, my friends. Agony aaer agony, he brought them on. But I did this… By my own hand. Why should I have eyes When there is nothing sweet to see?’ Apollo Manipulates •  Apollo understands mortals •  Oracle to Oedipus: - - Doesn’t answer ques=on - - Forces Oedipus to leave Corinth, leave for Thebes •  Oracle to Laius: - - Facilitates exposure of Oedipus - - Could Oedipus have lived with...
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