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Not me why should i want to be tyrannusas ruler

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Unformatted text preview: go in reverence to the sacred navel of the world...’ Sophocles’ gods and mortals •  Oedipus Fated to commit crimes •  Oedipus (somewhat) manipulated by Apollo - - cf. G- d’s hardening of Pharaoh’s heart •  Reasons for Oedipus’ suffering remain unexplained - - Sophocles omits curse of Labdacids III. Thebes as An=- Athens •  Greek tragedy is fundamentally Athenocentric - - Thebes is ‘Other’ of Athens •  Thebes in Myth and Historiography - - Curse of House of Cadmus - - Pentheus and Dionysus; Laius and Chrysippos; Eteocles and Polynices - - Thebes in Thucydides Oedipus playing the Tyrant •  Oedipus’ behavior increasingly reflects nega=ve traits of a tyrant •  Arguments with Tiresias and Creon - - Paranoia - - Anger - - Threatened violence •  Oedipus won throne by violence Creon, OT 583 ‘Look at yourself from my point...
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