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Oedipus and the new learning in athens oedipus mind

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Unformatted text preview: of error (hamar(a)…’ Oedipus at fault •  Oedipus’ alleged flaws: - - quick temper - - anger - - pride - - arrogance - - reckless: should have killed/slept with people old enough to be his parents •  Excessive Drive To Know Oedipus: Hero of the Intellect ‘…These children came to your hearth to plead to the man who knows best the trials of life, for you understand divine power. You came to Thebes, saved us from the Sphinx, and without any help, delivered us from despair. We could do nothing, we knew nothing. It is said once you were helped by a god. We believed it, and you saved all our lives….have you heard from a god, a man, is there something that you know…?’ Oedipus and the New Learning in Athens •  Oedipus’ mind overcomes the supernatural •  Sophists ques=oned tradi=onal beliefs •  Validity of oracles challenged (cf. Thucydides’ oracle on the Plague, 2.54) •  Chorus (897): ‘No longer will I...
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