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Again they are adventurous beyond their power and

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Unformatted text preview: o longer safe to give up our empire; especially as all who leb us would fall to you. And no one can quarrel with a people for making, in maWers of tremendous risk, the best provision that it can for its interest.’ III. Escala1on of the War [Hoplite (Phalanx) Warfare on the ‘Chigi Vase’] Thucydides on his Speeches (1.22.1) ‘…I have put things in accordance with what I thought each speaker would have said given what was required in the situa8on, keeping as close as possible to the general gist of what was actually said...’ ‘The Pnyx’, site of the Athenian Assembly (Speaker’s Platform) ‘The Athenians are addicted to innova1on and their designs are characterized by swibness alike in concep1on and execu1on; you have a genius for ke...
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