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Disclose important themes in approaching conict 1

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Unformatted text preview: Evidence: eyewitness tes1mony, documents, archaeological evidence •  Applica1on of Rigorous Standards •  Tone: No Romance, fantasy •  Not totally objec1ve: Thucydides selects, edits material of his history The ‘Archaeology’ (1- 19) •  Demonstra1on of Method and his Narra1ve Style •  1. Rise of Empires in 5th century Mediterranean •  2. Disclose Important Themes in Approaching Conflict: 1. Ships and Sea Power 2. Commerce and the Accumula1on of Capital 3. Walls •  Thucydides ra1onalizes Greek myths Mythical Minos •  Tyrant of Crete •  Strong Navy •  Athenian Tribute of 7 boys, 7 girls •  Labyrinth and Minotaur •  Theseus (Athens’ na1onal hero) kills Minotaur, saves youths Thucydides’ Minos •  King of Crete •  Naval...
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