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84 and the slowness and procras4na4on the parts of

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Unformatted text preview: s as mul4cultural center •  Inclusiveness not a weakness •  Heroic Character of Athenians •  Dominance of Athens abroad Wealth and Civic Obliga4on •  Athenian refinement is not excessive •  Wealth for Prac4cal purposes •  Public obliga4ons for all ci4zens: par4cipa4on in performances, funding of liturgies Spartan Conserva4sm (1.84) ‘…And the slowness and procras4na4on, the parts of our character that are most assailed by their cri4cism, need not make you blush. If we undertake the war without prepara4on, we should by hastening its commencement only delay its conclusion…the quality which they condemn is really nothing but a wise modera4on.’ The Spartan Other •  Archidamus’ Speech (1.80- 5): Virtues of Spartan Educa4on •  Avoidance of Insolence in Success, Arrogance leading to mistakes •  Spartan Educa4on = Sustained Military Training The ‘severe school’ •  No Individualism: Highly Structured/Conserva4ve (Totalitarian) society - - Basis in Military Educa4on: combat training, surviv...
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