Plague in athens 247 54 1st great reversal of

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Unformatted text preview: alist skills, limited reading/wri4ng - - Control: Males segregated un4l 30s; limited spousal contact - - Susi4a:Communal Meals •  Discipline and Punishment fosters respect for laws, gods - - Inured to hardship - - Control of Appe4tes •  Limited Educa4on: no 4me for ‘useless maeers’ - - ac4on, not talk; no free exchange of ideas •  Secrecy and Brutality: - - Exclusion of foreigners, subjuga4on of Helots Helots •  State serfs, ethnically Greek (largely Messenians) •  Subjugated by Dorian ancestors of Spartans •  Lived under control of individual Spartans in sharecropping system •  Permanent internal threat to Spartan state II. Plague in Athens (2.47- 54) •  •  •  •  1st great reversal of Peloponnesian War Killed 1/3 of the popula4on, Pericles Came from Libya, started in Piraeus Single account: Thucydides collapses several outbreaks of plague Thucydides’ Intellectual World: Medical Science •  Thucydides’ Method: descrip4ons show awareness of contemporary science, emphasis on visual confirma4on...
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