Honor thy father and thy mothe r 4 remember the

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Unformatted text preview: nd rested the s e v e nt h d a y : w h e r ef o r e t h e L ord blessed the sabbath d ay, and hallow ed i 4. Honor thy Father and thy Mothe r. 4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six d ays shalt thou labour, and do all thy work. But the seventh day is the Sabbath in honour of the Lord thy God; on it thou sha lt not do any wo rk, neither thou, nor thy son, nor thy daug hter, thy m anservant nor thy m aids ervant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger tha t is within thy gates; For in six day s the L ord made the heavens a nd the e arth, the sea, and a ll that is in them , and rested o n the sevent h day ; therefore the Lor d blessed the Sabbath day , and hallow ed it. 5. H onor thy father and thy mother: that thy d ays m ay be long upon the land w hich the L ord thy G od g iveth thee. 5 . Thou shalt n ot kill. 5. H onour thy father a nd thy moth er; in orde r that thy days m ay be pr olonged upon the land wh ich the L ord thy Go d gi veth thee. 6. Thou shalt n ot kill. 6 . Thou shalt n ot com mit a dulter y. 6. T hou shalt not kill. 7. Thou shalt n ot com m it adul tery. 7 . Thou shalt n ot steal . 7. T hou shalt not commit adulter y. 8. Thou shalt n ot steal. 8 . Thou shalt n ot bear fa lse w itne ss aga inst thy n eighbor. 8. T hou shalt not steal. 9. Thou shalt n ot b ear fal se w itnes s a gainst thy nei ghbor. 9 . Thou shalt n ot cov et th y ne igh b our's wife. 9. T hou shalt not bear false w itn ess aga inst thy neighbor. 10. Thou shal t not cov et thy n eighbor 's house, thou sh a lt n o t co vet thy ne ighb o r's w ife, n or his m anservant, nor his maids er vant, nor hi s ox , nor h is ass, nor a ny thin g t hat is thy n eig hbo r's. 1 0. Thou shalt not covet th y ne igh b our's goods. 10. T hou shalt n ot covet thy neighbo ur's hou se; thou sha lt n ot c ove t thy neighbour 's w ife, n or h is m anservant, no r his...
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