The ten commandments catholics however usually follow

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Unformatted text preview: m aidse rvan t, nor h is o x, nor his a ss, n or a ny thing that i s th y neig hbou r's. The Ten (?) Commandments • Catholics, however, usually follow Deuteronomy, and Lutherans prefer Exodus. So when we have a controversy about a Ten Commandments The Experience • The first commandment, in some versions, is not really a commandment, but is a statement. The moment at Sinai is a moment for the whole people like those The Covenant Code • Chapter 21 was assigned because it is so different from the Ten. The ten, however we divide them, are a set of basic rules about the relationship with G-d, and with relationships with other people. What follows is a typical ancient lawcode. Different kinds of rules are mixed together, and there is no distinction between what we would consider criminal and civic law. The Other Great Narratives • • In this course, we have read only a selection of Biblical narratives. If you have not read them, IMHO the most important other sections to read for narrative are Judges, Samuel, and Kings, then Ruth, Esther, and Jonah. For poetry and wisdom, Isaiah, Psalms, Job, and Ecclesiastes. This book has been basic to how people think and express themselves. • Senator Sam Ervin, Senate Select Committee to Investigate Campaign Practices, The Scriptures say May 1973 that much study is weariness to the flesh and of the making of many books there is no end [Ecclesiastes 12:12]. It seems like everybody that gets in jail these...
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