Thucydides 2

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Unformatted text preview: off island of Salamis - - destroyed Persian Navy Plataia in 479: land badle in BoeoDa - - destroyed Persian Infantry Salamis Hoplite Warfare: A Greek Phalanx on the ‘Chigi Vase’ II. Greek vs. Barbarian •  Athenians/Spartans Make Demands on each other: Expunge the Curse of Cylon, Curse of the Bronze House •  Pausanias: Spartan General at Marathon, Died c. 470 BCE - - Adempted to betray Greece to Persia - - Pausanias’ Exposure Implicated Themistocles, famous Athenian general and hero of Salamis •  Why Does Thucydides discuss them here? Hellenism •  C...
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