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Greek egalitarianism and democracy no cidzens only

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Unformatted text preview: ollecDve Greek idenDty largely missing in Homer •  Rise of Persia is key - - Sustained contact with other Greeks, Easterners - - Victory over superior numbers •  Greekness expands to other ‘Codes’ beyond language ‘Medizing’ Pausanias (1.128- 34) •  Violence and Arrogance alienates the Greek allies aQer Persians leave •  Assumes Persian Dress •  Pausanias’ Leder to Xerxes: - - Offers service to his ‘king’ -   Promises subjugaDon of Greece -   Proposes Marriage with his daughter Cultural Codes of Barbaroi •  Hierarchical Society vs. Greek Egalitarianism and Democracy •  No ciDzens; Only slaves with masters •  Megalomania of Tyrants •  Proskunêsis: bowing down •...
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