linear b tablets 1200 bc pylos dionysus named

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Unformatted text preview: Male Anxiety: - - Women Communing - - Illicit vices: drinking and sex (Pentheus thinks) •  Features of Dionysiac Cult: - - Thiasoi: troupes of maenads - - Worship of Dionysus Pentheus: Theomachos •  Grandson of Cadmus, Autocrat of Thebes •  Returned from abroad (absent from oikos) •  Tyrannical QualiOes - - Suspicion - - Violence - - SubjecOon of women of the polis/ D.’s followers •  Pentheus’ Crimes: - - Theomachos - - Excessive social control •  Tension between oikos and community ‘Just when I happen to be outside this land, what do I hear? New evils! Women leave their houses for bogus revels (‘Bakkhic’ indeed!)…and right in their midst they set full bowls of wine, and slink into the thickets to meet men there, saying they are maenads sacrificing, when really they rank Aphrodite first over Bakkhos!’ Origins and Gi<s of Dionysus •  Newer god? - - Linear B tablets (1200 BC, Pylos) - - ‘Dionysus’ named with Zeus •  Greek and Eastern •  FerOlity God: Embodies duality of Nature: - - creaOve and destrucOve forces •  WINE: civilized product of wild nature ‘Leaving the country of the Phrygians, and the Lydians, rich in bright gold, and going up to the heights of Persian plains, hard beaten by the sun, then onward to the high- walled towns of the Baktrians, the grim hard lands of t...
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