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Resistance the case of the minyads the daughters of

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Unformatted text preview: over the mountain of Nysa and making them drop their wands as he beat them with an ox goad. Dionysus was terrified and plunged into the sea, where TheOs received him in her bosom, trembling with fear at the human’s threats. Then the gods, who live easy, grew angry with Lycurgus, and the son of Cronus made him go blind, and he did not live long, hated as he was by the immortal gods. No I wouldn’t want to fight an immortal.’ Resistance: The Case of the Minyads The daughters of Minyas - Leukippe, Arsippe and Alkithoe - alone refused to take part in the dances of Dionysus…but Dionysus grew angry. And they were busy at their looms, vying earnestly with one another in the service of Athena Ergane. Then suddenly ivy and vine tendrils coiled around the looms, serpents lurked in the wool baskets, and from the roof there dripped drops of wine and milk. Then they threw lots into a pitcher and all three drew the lots; and when the lot of Leukippe came out, she vowed aloud to make a sacrifice to the god, and with the help of her sisters, she tore Hippsasos, her own son, to pieces, and then they rushed out to join the other maenads in the mountains. Bacchae: Women in the Mountains •  Reversal of Civic Order • ...
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