Persuade rhetoric helps youths overcome experience and

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Unformatted text preview: ing what is beneath the earth and in the sky’ •  ‘Socrates’ walking on air in Clouds •  Growth of Natural Philosophy •  Natural, lifeless forces supplanted the gods •  Tension between philosophers and average man ‘Making the Weaker argument Stronger’ •  Interest in Techniques of Persuasion for use in law courts/ assemblies •  Sophists taught rhetoric to young men for tui<on •  High Demand: Poli<cal power/immunity from prosecu<on turned on ability to persuade •  Rhetoric helps youths overcome experience and rank of older men Father- Bea<ng (Clouds 1420) Strepsiades: ‘Nowhere does the law permit a father to be so treated!’ Pheidippides: ‘Wasn’t it a man who wrote the law originally, a man just like you and me? And didn’t he persuade the men...
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