Include units in your answers where appropriate 5 you

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Unformatted text preview: it. Include units in your answers where appropriate. 5. You may use any calculator except a TI-92 (or other calculator with a full alphanumeric keypad). However, you must show work for any calculation which we have learned how to do in this course. You are also allowed two sides of a 3′′ × 5′′ note card. 6. If you use graphs or tables to obtain an answer, be certain to include an explanation and sketch of the graph, and to write out the entries of the table that you use. 7. You must use the methods learned in this course to solve all problems. Semester Exam Problem Name Fall 2012 1 4 Dow Jones 12 Fall 2001 1 7 cable 15 Fall 2003 1 4 cell phones 11 Total Recommended time (based on points): 34 minutes Points 38 Score Math 115 / Exam 1 (October 9, 2012) page 5 4. [12 points] The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is a stock market index which measures how the stocks of 30 large publicly-owned companies perform during a given period of time. On Sep...
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