4 experiment snells law in this experiment we will

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Unformatted text preview: ve and convex mirror • single-ray and multi-ray projector • 2–12 V AC transformer • color filter set (red, blue, green, yellow); white screen (for viewing rays) 3 θi θr Figure 1: Setup for investigating Snell’s Law and Brewster’s angle. 4 Experiment: Snell’s Law In this experiment we will use Snell’s Law to determine the index of refraction of the acrylic used in the following experiments. The index of refraction is an important attribute of a transparent material, because it specifies how light behaves when it enters or leaves the material. In this experiment, you will use the semicircular acrylic lens to investigate Snell’s law, and measure the index of refraction of the acrylic. Place the semicircular acrylic block in the round laser pan (see Figure 1) so that it is lined up with the blue semicircular outline. Turn on the laser using the red switch on the back of the black box attached to the laser. Danger: Do not remove the laser from the laser mount. these laser modules emit radiation that can be harmful to the eye....
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