For your setup nd the critical angle and the index of

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Unformatted text preview: end. Can you see out the sides of the block? How do the sides of the block appear? When a light beam is transmitted, does all the light pass through the boundary? (Hint: look at where the light enters the prism.) Given your observations, why do you think that the phenomenon studied here is called “total internal reflection” rather than simply “internal reflection”? For your setup find the critical angle and the index of refraction of the prism. 7 Experiment: Dispersion Set up the multiple-ray projector to make a single ray. Try various combinations of voltages available at the transformer to obtain a sufficiently bright ray. (The voltages add together between pairs of terminals.) Danger: The ray projector will become hot! In the last section, we assumed that n1 and n2 are relatively independent of λ . To see that this is not exactly true, place the plastic 60◦ prism (Figure 3) into the light beam. Rotate the prism until you see a 5 TIR α β θcrit γ 60◦ Figure 2: Setup for finding the angle of...
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