We will then examine lenses both converging section 8

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Unformatted text preview: n some optical media. We will then examine lenses, both converging (Section 8) and diverging (Section 9). By the end of this lab, you should know what is meant by the “index of refraction” of a material and how to use Snell’s Law to relate the angle of incidence to the angle of refraction. You should know what a focal plane is and how to find it for converging and diverging lenses and mirrors, both experimentally and by calculating from the shape using the lensmaker’s equation. You should know what kinds of aberration may be present and in what cases they appear. 2 Theory Before starting this lab, you should be familiar with the following physical concepts. If you need to review them, or if you haven’t yet discussed them in your lecture course, consult the indicated section in McKay, Physics 235 Coursepack Lecture Notes. • Snell’s law and the index of refraction, §26.1-2 • Total internal reflection, §26.3 • Dispersion of light and prisms, §26.5 • Lenses and image forma...
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