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Challenging the hypothesized link to season of birth

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Unformatted text preview: cle. FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES: The authors have no conflicts of interest relevant to the content of this article. Challenging the Hypothesized Link to Season of Birth in Patients with Schizophrenia Small increases in risk by: BY TAMMIE LEE DEMLER, PharmD, MBA • Innov Clin Neurosci. 2011;8(9):14–19 ADDRESS CORRESPONDENCE TO: Tammie Lee Demler, PharmD, MBA, Buffalo Psychiatric Center, 400 Forest Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14213-1298; Phone: (716) 8162436; Fax: (716) 816-2496; E-mail address: [email protected] General maternal illness during 2nd trimester KEY WORDS: Schizophrenia, month of birth, season of birth, seasonality • Birth complications (hypoxia) • Winter birth/summer Dr. Demler is from the Buffalo Psychiatric Center in Buffalo, New York, and with the State University of New York at Buffalo, New York. A institutionalization often InBSTRACT ofof the absence schizophrenia,required for light The cause schizophrenia is refractory the New York unknown; however, one hypothesis is state hospitalized patients were thatpredicted seasonal differences seasonality birth of development,ofwith ancontributes to assumed to be of Northern in its excess of Hemispheric birth origin. The study winter-spring births observed in those sample births of the individualsincluded 376a patients, 16 of with schizophrenia. There are over 200 which didin have definitive not our study studies exploring this issue at the diagnosis of schizophrenia. The author writing of this article with most of sample....decrease in latethe chose to evaluate all 376 patients inof studies revealing a the sample due to the introduction summer births and an increase number of winter-spring births of those individuals with the disease. The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the seasonality of birth for 376 institutionalized patients with schizophrenia receiving clozapine treatment in a New York State clozapine therapy, which would substantiate the presence of a refractory psychotic disorder, such as schizophrenia. The author found that the seasonality distribution did not reflect any dif...
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