On other cognitive tasks he performed at an average

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Unformatted text preview: relatively mild and patchy. His retrograde amnesia had regressed mainly to affect a 6 month period before the injury. On other cognitive tasks, he performed at an average or above average level, and there was no neuropsychological evidence of frontal lobe dysfunction. Neuroradiological investigations at various stages after his injury failed to demonstrate a lesion in any of the thalamic nuclei. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a lesion in the hypothalamus in the region of the mamillary bodies. Our study demonstrates that marked, relatively focal, memory disorder after diencephalic injury can occur without direct pathology to the body of the thalamus. It also indicates that structures in or adjacent to the hypothalamus, such as the mamillary bodies, may play a more important role in human memory functioning than has hitherto been considered. Mammillary bodies: gone! (normally give rise to massive projection to the medial thalamus) INTRODUCTION c g egardin B.J.'s pattern of memory There is s ontinuinhe debatel remporalglobe and diencephalothates been temorbydisordersd. although we have disorder was strikingly th e neuroanatomican bav shown my t fN.A., similar to l hasi of m he os avoure Structure within t media t obviously not been able to administer which afull range oftomemory emory functioning. N.A. has performed over candidates for those the re critically related human m tasks which In the diencephalon, th thalamu has been he ubject o a numbe we human and B.J. the years since his injury in 1960,e and a s number tof stests f which r of gave to animal have only been investigations concerne with learning, a ide variet of cerebra pathologies hav developed and published in thed past fewdayears. The ntdfa rwmediatingymnemonic l rocesses (Kapurewhich B.J. implicate the thalamus s being importan focal verbal memory deficit , o p displayed is as severe as thatnefound ost notable case studies in this respect has beensyndrome,t N.A. contrasts with the 1988). O of the m in patients with the amnesic that of patien and (Teuber et on corresponding penetrating p memory tasks. normal or m...
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