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On the basis of ct scan evidence squire and moore

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Unformatted text preview: ildly impaired scoresal., 1968), who incurred a nonverbalaranasal missile wound caused by a miniature fencing foil. On the basis of CT scan evidence (Squire and Moore, 1979), it was thought that the main underlying pathology was in the region of the left dorsomedial Korsakoff’s syndrome / psychosis • Massive retrograde amnesia, plus anterograde deficits • Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency primary cause in alcoholics • Degeneration of midline thalamus (including mediodorsal thalamus), mammillary bodies, similar to N.A. • Mammillary bodies: a route connecting temporal lobe/ hippocampal with dorsal thalamic and frontal lobe structures S.S. Korsakoff 1853-1900 Different attributes of memory may be processed by different brain systems Attributes of memory: space time affect sensory perception response Encoding, Consolidation, Retrieval Medial temporal lobe distributes the attributes of an event, and linkages between them, in corresponding regions of the cortex. fmri: prediction of retrieval depends on material/attributes Before a memory is consolidated it is sensitive to damage in medial temporal lobe, including hippocampus, possibly because such early recall employs access routes that are similar to encoding mechanisms. Hippocampal lesions disrupt recently learned material, not memories that were learned a long time prior to the lesion. After memory is consolidated, access routes become embedded into more general schemes for memory access, no longer dependent on mirroring the encoding mechanisms, no longer dependent on temporal lobe. Encoding, Consolidation, Retrieval Beware: retrieving memories makes them plastic again, by adding new attributes or limiting the impact of old ones: ! Memory becomes vulnerable to re-encoding problems (good & bad)...
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