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Toursocietybrings tointerpretingsocialrelations

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Unformatted text preview: teraction Aspect of social identity Is tied to age *** may not be a meaningful cross­cultural distinction, but always a lens that our society brings to interpreting social relations Late 1700s Early 2000s family Late 1800s Boy in breeches…boys weren’t allowed to wear full­length pants till 8 or 9 in early to mid 20th century US and Britain… Point is: age and gender are entwined and signaled through a variety of material indicators Gender and age are also filtered through other kinds of identities Race Ethnicity Class Occupation Some archaeologists refer to “Personhood” to indicate the intersection of all these identities in a single person The Archaeological Problem The Archaeological Problem How do you sort out all these competing identities through the material culture? Most archaeologists like to deal with one “strand” of identity at a time because it seems “easier”: reality is, you can’t really isolate one aspect from the others….most early case studies did,...
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