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Midwest 1903 the pure food and drug actin response to

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Unformatted text preview: Drug Act…in response to Collier’s study of the patent medicine industry Most patent medicines folded or conformed to new rules…several of the respected drug labs of today started as patent medicines Childrearing Childrearing The Cordes daughters were The raised according to several converging identities converging Dolly Dimple In addition to patent medicines and homeopathic medicines, subscribed to the new attitudes about germs… Scientific mothering… Personal Histories Personal The artifacts also speak to the particular history of the family The (intersection of age difference, ethnicity, occupational histories, and broader social context) histories, Choice of medicines may speak to Ernest’s employment Choice history (lung, heart, cough cures) history Ernest and new masculinity—hair and virility—skookum Ernest root and tricopherous baldness cures root Valentine’s Meat Juice…history of vice? Ceramic asse...
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