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Culture the allan hancock family of los angeles

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Unformatted text preview: ture? culture? The Allan Hancock Family of Los Angeles Angeles Henry Hancock: New Hampshire Lawyer and Henry Surveyor…came to California for Gold Rush Surveyor…came Employed by 1860 as a surveyor for City of Los Employed Angeles Angeles Purchased Rancho La Brea in 1860 from Rocha Purchased family, took full legal possession in 1877 family, Married Ida Haraszthy, SF family of Hungarian Married extraction extraction Site intensively occupied from 1887 onwards Hancock Family Hancock Henry Hancock Ida Hancock Allan and Harry, born July 26, 1875 (Harry died in Allan infancy) infancy) Bertram, born April 11, 1877 Family used rancho sporadically til after Hancock’s death Family …1883-1885, used it periodically, then Ida located to it permanently from 1885 to 1898…boys lived there during breaks from school, moved out 1909 breaks Family used money from sale of brea to support selves Rented land to Chinese farmers (located near China town) Ida Hancock Allen Hancock Views from Inside the Hancock Mansion, built at Vermont and Wi...
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