Nationality fruit sealers fruit ht in cm color

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Unformatted text preview: ality? Fruit Sealers Fruit Ht in cm Color Embossing Number 17.5 Aqua Mason’s Patent 1 17.5 Aqua “ 2 22.5 Aqua “ 3 23 Aqua “ 1 17.5 Bottle glass “ 1 13.5 Clear “ 3 17.5 Aqua “ 4 22.5 Aqua “ 1 12 Aqua Ball 5 Regional Preferences Regional The Cordes’ The background may have shaped how they viewed the reliability, trustworthiness or desirabilty of particular products particular Product Geographic Source Chamberlain’s Iowa Miles Restorative Miles Nervine Nervine Indiana Miles Heart Cure Indiana Hamlin’s Wizard Oil Illinois Tricopherous New York WEPCo Midwest Mellor and Co. Midwest 1903 The Pure Food and...
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