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Archaeologists claimed one to have found three

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Unformatted text preview: chaeological presence and nature of foundation below the adobe walls walls • One unit inside and one outside. Archaeologists claimed One to have found three different floor levels, but did not include illustration of the floor layers, nor did they separate out artifacts found supposedly between layers separate 1990 Excavations 1990 • Wilkie and Farnsworth brought in with Wilkie UCLA field school to look for archaeological evidence of the Sepulveda family family • Instituted testing program over extent of Instituted the site the • Attempted to recover evidence of buildings Attempted and features indicated in oral history and Desperate archaeological attempts to find some sort of 19th century outbuilding— rewarded with a 20th century toolshed. Profiles of units excavated in the Creek Bed 1940s and 1950s bottles recovered from the site… The Los Angeles-based show was created by Ann Davis and Dorothy Novis at KNBH (KNBC) in 1949. Historical Evidence: Attempts to Triangulate Triangulate • • • Search of Los Angeles County records Marriage of Pedro and Maria found 1901 marriage license of Sallie Sepulveda and Joseph 1901 Hunter found Hunter • Found death certificates for Pedro and Maria…ages did Found not conform…Smith was using...
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