La county assessor records show that by 1903 kleman

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Unformatted text preview: genealogical info from Mormons Mormons • Search of BLM records show only land grant for 160 Search acre property to Gustav Kleman in 1902. LA county assessor records show that by 1903, Kleman had sold 80 acres to Hunter, and they owned those 80 acres jointly til 1911, then Hunter held all. jointly Problems Problems • No ability to tie Sepulvedas to the property • No archaeological evidence recovered that No dated earlier than 1893 (a bottle cap) dated • Lots of evidence from 1900 onwards… when Kleman and Hunter known to have when developed the land developed • Architectural features used to calculate Architectural date were all things that could have been salvaged from other buildings salvaged So? So? • Additional research into George Smith Additional recovered some problematic information recovered – Smith’s family thought he was insane, none of Smith’s the others were willing to talk about the family or the adobe or – Smith’s mother had some sort of liasion with Smith’s Kleeman—thus being part of the incentive for her having claim on property her – Smith had been building his own “western Smith town” outside of Chico…had a history of wanting his own museum wanting...
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