At pedro married magdalena dominguez in 1857 pedro

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Unformatted text preview: Pedro Sepulveda born in November 1833, died Pedro at age 83 May 13, 1916. at • Pedro married Magdalena Dominguez in 1857, Pedro moved to current location of the adobe…first adobe washed away, current adobe was built in 1863. • Sepulvedas had 12 children born at the adobe • Pedro supported family as a harness and saddle Pedro making, and made charcoal on the ranch…about 1000 feet from the adobe. 1000 Sepulveda history continued Sepulveda • Ranch was sold by Pedro to Mr. Cleamon in Ranch 1898 for $1000, Joseph Hunter, the husband of Smith’s mother, bought the adobe back for her in 1902 as a wedding gift. 1902 • She divorced Hunter in 1908, married Smith’s She father right afterwards, Hunter kept adobe father • Smith provided map of features at the adobe, Smith lots of outbuildings and charcoal pits lots 1987 Studies at the Adobe 1987 • Architectural survey conducted by firm Sanchez and Architectural Allen...they noted that the style of windows, door, doorknob and rimlock were consistent with 1860s date. doorknob • Archaeological testing was conducted to look for Ar...
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