Ethnography lots of debate over what makes lots

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Unformatted text preview: haeologist doing ethnography…. ethnography…. • Lots of debate over what makes Lots appropriate analog appropriate • Usually don’t admit that ethnographies are Usually a kind of historical document kind Darl archaic living area in Texas Darl Excavation showing living Excavation surface had lots of discarded materials right on surface on Compared to Australian Compared aborigine drop site camps aborigine Oral History/Oral tradition Oral • Oral traditions includes mythology, Oral folktales, jokes, songs, etc….tell stories about how world came to be and a group’s history history • Oral history is a personal narrative of an Oral individual or family’s history individual – Historical archaeology increasingly using oral Historical history as a source history – Must recognize agendas of the folks being Must interviewed interviewed An oral history cautionary tale… An the Sepulveda Adobe 1990: Archaeological Research at the Sepulveda Adobe at • Located in the Malibu Creek State Park • Believed to have been built by Pedro Believed Sepulveda in 1863 and continuously occupied by the Sepulveda family until 1980 1980 • 1987: oral history of George Smith, 1987: grandson of Pedro Sepulveda, was undertaken by Gilbert Arnold Sanchez, architectural historian architectural History of the Sepulveda Adobe according to George Smith according •...
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