Politics of Archaeology

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Unformatted text preview: vel for forgiveness ceremony 2003 Remains reburied in large ceremony 2006 Site declared national monument Oct. 5, 2007, Memorial dedicated. • Michael Blakey: Only African­American Biological anthropologist Working in US University at time…had published two articles previously on slave cemeteries…was selected by community as lead scholar on osteological remains Why the Burial Ground is Important Why the Burial Ground is Important • 1698, there were at least 700 people of African descent living in NYC…some were slaves, some were descendants of free­black community of the Dutch… • Perceptions that slavery never Happened in NYC • African American community Asserted rights of cultural Patrimony over the remains, guided Development of research. Bahamas Parliament…Clifton would change many political futures. One of seven slave cabins preserved at Clif...
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