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Unformatted text preview: ton 1996 Field Season… 1996 Field Season… 1998 Excavations 1998 Excavations This structure (locus N), built in the 1750s, This structure (locus N), built in the 1750s, overlays a large prehistoric village Proposed development of Clifton Cay. The center of the archaeological landscape was to be dynamited to create marina channels. Vivan Whylly (below) passes out fliers against Clifton Cay, a series of protest parades (right) marched through downtown Nassau beginning in 1999… A View of Lyford Cay from Clifton’s shore. Lyford was the main source of off­island funding for the opposition… Archaeological interpretations illustrated the links in everyday life between Bahamian past and present Artifacts from Slave village at Clifton Media portrayals focused on Media portrayals focused on David/Goliath story… B...
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