Chinese food did slowly become incorporated into

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Unformatted text preview: g distance. Chinese food did slowly become incorporated into broader American dining…”Chop Suey” was a dish widely offered by the 1880s in Chinese restaurants on both coasts…along with Chow Mein, Egg Foo Young and fortune cookies…while designed for nonChinese taste buds, Chinese cooking principles shaped these dishes Chop Suey Chop Home canning…1858 onwards Home Ice…the holy grail of food preservation Ice cream molds…late 19th century…tomato, Ice artichoke, asparagus, popular flavors… artichoke, As refrigeration was made more widely As available in the early 20th century, a available whole new genre of “ice box” recipes came into vogue… came Lemon ice box pie Frozen salads Table setting 1802 Dining setting and breakfast settings, 1846 Perryman Family: Domesticity and Mothering and Lucrecia Perryman,...
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