Of faculty dissatisfaction newspapers contrast between

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Unformatted text preview: he practice of modern science. of Faculty dissatisfaction (newspapers) Contrast between artifacts found behind and Contrast in palm house versus the other wings in Practice of Science? Practice Greatest diversity of vessel forms seen in Greatest palm house and area behind it (xrf will hopefully add to this) hopefully Pots in wings falling into several uniform Pots sizes and shapes…statistical analysis still ongoing…contrasts with the palm house ongoing…contrasts Interior of the Palm House, circa 1900. Note the heating system under the potting tables. Interior of the Carnation House, circa 1900. This is one of the corridors connecting into the palm house. Soil Science? Soil Analysis of flowerpots, soils and plant Analysis materials…still ongoing materials…still Testing soil for evidence of chemical additives that Testing are not components of the local earth…sulfur( 유유 ) are analysis of earth for pollen and other plant remains( 유유유유 유유유 유유유 .) remains( X-ray florescence of flower pot sherds( 유유 , 유유 ) To identify range of sources for pots To identify elements that may have leached into the pots To through their use life …results will be compared with available notes and articles published by Agriculture faculty at the University, particular Hilgard. faculty -archaeological research design and implementation has to be flexible enough to account for unexpected field situations and circumstances…best designs are built upon investigatory( 유유 ) phases of research....
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