Private uses vs was it possible to see the was

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Unformatted text preview: s. private uses)? vs. Was it possible to see the Was development of soil science at the site? science What can we learn about What the changing practices of science? science? What led to the site being What abandoned? abandoned? Some hypotheses: Some Based on first year, we would see spaces like Based the palm house serving as a public sphere, while the wings served university personnel Since a potting shed was located on site, we should be able to see evidence of additive soil science in the matrix. science Scientific practice should be seen in Scientific regimentation of material culture…few sources of materials, evidence of soil mixing, uniformity in sizes and shapes of plant containers used in experiments. experiments. Based upon 2003 excavations, we had some idea of what kinds of data we might uncover…that helped to shape our research design as well… helped -needed to excavate units in each of the identifiable -needed rooms/wings of the building (historical documents suggested that the structure had been designed to be used for different plant species, special functions used -multiple soil samples from multiple -multiple layers…change through time (soil samples and pollen analysis) samples -knew that we’d be sure to recover -knew flowerpots…needed to figure out analyses that would allow us to take...
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