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Unformatted text preview: resource. Research question: was any evidence of Research the building preserved? the Based upon 1911 campus map and survey of area, we hypothesized that some evidence of the building should be preserved at the edges of the parking lot and in surrounding flowerbeds. Sanborn Fire insurance Map 2003 Excavations—designed to recover as much information about building in area available for excavation excavation Parking Lot Excavations revealed intact walls, and artifacts Original Piers Southern end of eastern wing, distribution of heating system piers. flowerpots flowerpots Aka Artifacts glasswares glasswares Ben Schloss Mason Jar 2005 Excavations 2005 After 2003 we concluded that the building After had survived, and that important questions about the campus’ history could be addressed through excavations under the parking lot. We convinced the university as well…now we needed real research questions… questions… Excavation: the controlled removal of soil to reveal three-dimensional relationships between features and artifacts and ecofacts New Research Questions New How was the How conservatory used (public v...
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