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Shane Harrison Harrison 1 Professor Opengart English 102-078 Essay 1 January 29, 2007 “Educational programs should include some life skills training” Along with your grade point average and your resume, your future depends on your credit report. If you have negative credit history or if you’re in debt, it is very hard to live on your own, much less acquire a steady job. It is very important to understand every aspect of credit before attempting to build it yourself. As if freshman students don’t have enough stress getting used to the campus life, credit card companies continue targeting freshman students. Marketers offer free products to attract students, which promote these credit cards and their student sponsors. They will say things like, “It’s great to build credit”, or “you don’t have to use it”. Ignorant students rush to sign these forms with their personal information, just to receive a free sandwich or t-shirt. Little do the students know they are opening their personal lives to multiple companies without receiving any information. According to Charanne Parks, “ Their [universities] goal is to teach students and educational programs should include some life skills training”(Parks). Although it may not be the marketer’s responsibility to provide information upfront with their new clients, the University needs to put its foot down and provide intelligence of these cards of doom.
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Harrison 2 Many parents give advice to stay away from these gimmicks and avoid credit as long as possible. But today’s on-demand society calls for credit cards when purchasing things online, paying for expensive college books, tuition, or completing reservations. As pointed out in multiple sources, this is why so many students find themselves in need of a credit card. The real problem with these students isn’t their lack of money. It is the lack of knowledge that pushes these students down the path to credit debt. If the University had a provided class they could educate more students
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essay 1 - Shane Harrison Professor Opengart English 102-078...

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