BME83 HW3 - BME83 HW#3 1(a Bone An environmental bath can...

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BME83 HW#3 Bone An environmental bath can be adapted to the test system to ensure that the bone remains moist and provides results indicative of the bone's behavior in the human body. The instrument comes with a whole range of test fixtures including potting, tensile, bend, and indentation fixtures and compression platens for testing bone specimens of various sizes and geometries. Soft tissue The FastTrack™ 8800 digital controller provides true planar-biaxial control, giving both translation and deformation control in both axes. This aids in the ability for highly accurate specimen center-point control, allowing the use of optical instruments mounted above the specimen. A simple gripping method based on sutures and pulleys distributes the loading forces equally around the specimen, allowing simultaneous testing along the x and y axes. ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization – an international standard-setting body that produces world-wide industrial and commercial standards. The ISO 14242 standard 'Implants For Surgery - Wear Of Total Hip Joint Prostheses'
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BME83 HW3 - BME83 HW#3 1(a Bone An environmental bath can...

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