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CA 94 Exam III _Nigel

CA 94 Exam III _Nigel - Name Nigel Chou CA 94 Introduction...

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Name: Nigel Chou _ CA 94 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Fall 2007 Professor Ralph Litzinger Exam 3 – Take Home December 6, 2007 Due: Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007, 12:00 noon Please deliver your exam to Professor Litzinger’s office, Science Building, Room 201E Part I – Multiple Choice -- 2 points each Instructions: Clearly mark the best answer. Each question has only one best answer. 1. Dom Carlone: a) Set up his first business in China in the late 1970s b) Put up the funds for Dennis O’Rourke’s film The Good Woman of Bangkok c) Fired Roger Wong for his failure to meet the wage demands of his workers d) Is sleeping with Tony Soprano’s shrink e) None of the Above 2. According to Redmon, Dom Carlone told him he went to China to have his beads made because: 3. When David Redmon shows film footage of the Mardi Gras festival to workers in China: 1
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4. Which of the following are workers allowed to do in the Tai Kuen factory compound? 5. The term in China used to refer to the workers who have left the countryside to work in factories or other kinds of urban-based jobs: a) Bumpkins b) State Employees c) Floating Population d) Illegal Migrants e) Sichuanese 6. The Lifeng factory compound is: a) Located in the Yangtze River delta b) An example of China’s new knowledge economy c) Located in the Pearl River Delta d) Run by a former chief of police e) C and D f) B, C, and D 7. According to the directors of Mardi Gras: Made in China and China Blue , young girls and women in China often seek jobs in factories far from their villages because:
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CA 94 Exam III _Nigel - Name Nigel Chou CA 94 Introduction...

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