Generally there will be wrixen assignment due on

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Unformatted text preview: in class). Two homework assignments will be dropped from your final grade. –  Do pick up your work: that’s how we tell if you are coming to class. The Course The Course •  The syllabus contains a schedule. –  All assignments are due on the day for which they are listed. •  Generally, there will be a weekly quiz on Friday. –  We will describe each quiz in detail in the previous class. –  In general, each quiz will cover the two previous weeks of work (that means you get quizzed on most weeks’ material twice). •  Generally, there will be wriXen assignment due on Monday. –  We grade these only as done or not done. Comments on Learning •  This is a big class with a small staff, so we need to be clear on standards of behavior. •  Please read the “Rules of the Classroom” on the last page of the...
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