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However by the time of jesus christ 1 ce they had a

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Unformatted text preview: art III •  When Alexander the Great (356-23 B.C.E) (who was not Greek but who admired Greek culture) conquered a huge chunk of the world, he brought Greek language and culture to the entire Eastern Mediterranean, where it became an important force. The Greeks in Ancient Times Part II The Greeks in Ancient Times Part IV •  The Ancient Greeks excelled in art, philosophy, and science. •  Therefore, although the Greeks no longer have the dominant position they held in ancient times, they have left a lasting mark on many aspects of later European, Middle Eastern and even South Asian culture. •  As a result, the Greek language has had a strong influence on English. Alexander s Conquests 7 9/26/13 The Romans and Latin Part I •  The Romans were originally central Italian people who got their name from their city, Rome. •  Our first clear records of them come from the middle part of the first millennium B.C.E.. (around 500 B.C.E.). •  They spoke a language that we call Latin. The Romans and Latin Part III •  The Romans admired and imitated many aspects of Greek culture. •  Therefore, Latin, throughout its history, has borrowed Greek vocabulary. The Romans and Latin Part II •  They came into history later than the Greeks. •  They originally controlled only a small area of central Italy. ...
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