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Unformatted text preview: class when we start Unit 4. We will not be making more scans. The Course: Policies •  The course will help you develop proficiency in advanced English vocabulary by teaching you the La*n and Greek elements from which such words are ofen formed. •  Course materials will be made available at the course SmartSite. –  Please let us know if you need to be added to the SmartSite. –  We will strive to post PowerPoint slides the night before each class. 3 9/26/13 The Course: Policies •  The syllabus explains grading and policies. •  Here are highlights: –  There will be nine quizzes. •  No make ­ups whatsoever. (Of course, we will accommodate disabili*es) •  But we’ll drop your lowest two scores. –  There will be a final exam; it will be comprehensive but fair. –  There will be homework (which must be turned in...
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