Some people instead use ad instead which stands for

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Unformatted text preview: syllabus. •  In par*cular, do note our policy on electronic devices. 4 9/26/13 Telling Time Tips for successful college learning* AXend every class. Study materials before class and review afer class. Limit *me online, and limit mul* ­tasking. Take demanding courses – and be conscien*ous about doing schoolwork. •  If you have a job, try to work on campus rather than off. •  Get plenty of sleep – just not in class! •  •  •  •  *Sources: Steven Brint and Allison M. Cantwell, 2010. “Time Use and Academic Outcomes,” Teachers College Record 112: 2441 ­2470. Jus*n Pope (Associated Press, Sept. 2012) Telling Time •  C.E. –  Common Era, Chris3an Era, or Current Era. –  refers to dates afer the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. –  Some people instead use A.D. instead, which stands for Anno Domini, La*n for in t...
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