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Unformatted text preview: acronym -(e.g. PAC; radar -- radio detecting and ranging; and more Words of the Day: snafu -- situation normal, all f---ed up) fubar – f---ed up beyond all recognition / repair] 6 10/29/13 Reviewing words from Greek •  •  •  •  monarchy ἀρχή = rule oligarchy, matriarchy tyranny, tyrannize, tyrant, tyrannical democracy, democraFc, democrat •  •  •  •  autocracy κράτος = power / κρατέω = to rule plutocracy theocracy corporatocracy δῆµος = the people (LaFn: populus, populi) Reviewing legal / poliFcal terms from Rome [law < ME legal < Lat. lex, legis] Reviewing Roman PoliFcs •  According to tradiFon, Romulus founded Rome in 753 BCE > monarchy unFl the kings were expelled in 509 BCE > republic unFl c. 31 BCE when Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra  empire, surviving unFl 5th century in the west and 1453 in the east. c. or ca = LaFn circa = a...
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