2 102913 last weeks quiz for more info on this program

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Unformatted text preview: ose legacy has frequently been overshadowed (and even appropriated) by that of Greece and Rome. 2 10/29/13 Last Week’s Quiz For more info on this program, visit: studyabroad.ucdavis.edu/programs/summerabroad/turkey.html Quiz Five Prospectus Material from last week (October 18 ­23) •  From the lecture of Friday, Oct 18: –  Be able to idenFfy an interjecFon in a sentence. –  Be able to use “who” and “whom” correctly, as on Worksheet 3. –  Be able to transliterate correctly Greek words from the first page of Worksheet 3. –  Know the meanings of the morphemes in red from the biological terms in the Friday, October 19, PowerPoint. Quiz Prospectus Quiz Five Prospectus Quiz Five Prospectus Material from last week (October 18 ­23) •  From the Lectures of 10/21 and 10/23: –  Understand why grammarians consider "between you and me" to be grammaFcally correct....
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