4 when the senator rst ran for oce he ran without

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Unformatted text preview: Lat. humus, “earth,” or “humare,” to bury) of LLat. postumus, “last”) a{er death •  annul (ad, “to” + nullus, “nothing”) •  consanguinity (con + sanguis, “blood”) •  •  •  •  de facto according to fact (in fact, in reality) de iure, de jure according to law; legally in camera in chamber in loco paren$s in the place of a parent friend of the court in good faith let the buyer beware let the signer beware of sound mind 8 10/29/13 •  inter alia among other things •  ipso facto by the fact itself [by that very fact or act: as an inevitable result] •  mala fide in bad faith •  modus operandi (MO) manner of working •  non compos men$s not sound of mind •  •  •  •  •  •  per annum per year per capita per head, per person per se of, in, or by itself (intrinsically)...
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