Easily confused words parameter perimeter stanza verse

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Unformatted text preview: pro bono publico, pro bono for the public good persona non grata an unacceptable person prima facie at first sight; self ­evident   prima facie evidence = sufficient to establish a fact unless rebuoed •  pro forma for the sake of form; done as a formality –  e.g. a pro forma apology Coming AoracFons Cf. Greek {anF} and LaFn {ante} •  anFpasto (pl.  ­tos or  ­F) •  < It. “before” < Lat. ante •  + pasto (It. = food) < Lat. pasco, pascere, pavi, pastum = “to feed” [remember the 4 principal parts of a LaFn verb?] •  Friday: Quiz #5 (Bring that scantron and no. 2 pencil!) •  Cf. ante bellum; antecedent •  anFpathy: anFbacterial, anFcrime, anFdiarrheal; anF ­inflammatory, anF ­intellectual, anF ­slavery, anFsubmarine, anFthe{, anFwar. Words of InteresFng Origin Words of InteresFng Origin bobbies boycoo macadam nicoFne Pyrrhic bobbies boycoo macadam nicoFne Pyrrhic bowdlerizing guilloFne maverick sideburns valenFne bowdlerizing guilloFne maverick sideburns valenFne 1.  Today, the idea of ____________ an author like Shakespeare seems absurd. 2.  “I don’t know how much longer I can undergo this ________ by the union members,” said Mr. Grubb. 3.  In this age of superhighways and cement, our country roads a...
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